Tasting menu September and new exhibition

Take advantage of these last days of vacation, go for a walk by the beach, visit the castle…. food that we take care! We left the tasting menu of September, see tasting. I anticipate photographs of the new exhibition of the painter PINI Vidallé, and new sculptures AMADOR LLORENS, in person astonish more…. #Alicante #Restlamaçana Restaurant The Maçana #Restauranteconarteyencanto September menu 2018 40597841_1346489948786743_2294986199472799744_n 40616802_1346489865453418_8222209636829233152_o
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About Restaurant The Maçana

"La Maçana" born in October 1997 restauranción a draft. At its inception illusion joined efforts of their creators and successfully employed by a dream start, today come true. "La Maçana" is a family business that combines wisdom and the old rural logical progression of the hottest trends, in how to restore and service concerns. Based on natural products and top quality creates a personal kitchen, creative and bold, filled aromas and contrasts; but always respecting the culinary tradition Alicante. The key spirit on your behalf simply encloses: "La Maçana", in Valencia means inn or tavern; as such, always open to new host (customer), insurance that will not leave indifferent, marking a before and after stopping by "La Maçana".

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