La Maçana” born in October 1997 restauranción a draft. At its inception illusion joined efforts of their creators and successfully employed by a dream start, today come true. “La Maçana” is a family business that combines wisdom and the old rural logical progression of the hottest trends, in how to restore and service concerns. Based on natural products and top quality creates a personal kitchen, creative and bold, filled aromas and contrasts; but always respecting the culinary tradition Alicante…

Both toolbar, in their classrooms as the customer will enjoy excellent service and a relaxed family atmosphere, inspired by the countryside of Mediterranean peoples. On the walls and in almost every corner we find an object that evokes the countryside setting, some of them authentic antique or historical value, as are their: amphorae, farm implements, distaffs, yokes, scales, artesos, threshing, made useful to overwhelm the grass, dried flowers… and countless popular ornamentation. Inside the restaurant found besides this, other environments: a lounge reserved inspired festival of bonfires Alicante, another that houses the cellar with a wide selection of wines, another farmhouse style, the main hall… etc. Note also, the whole restaurant is perfectly adapted for the disabled.”La Maçana” is also, work and determination of a large family, the Concepción García Santacruz, manager and head chef, the what, is proud to have created a family atmosphere in your restaurant, to which we wholeheartedly invite you to enjoy and feel at home. However, his son Mario: the chef and her daughter Maria: head of dining and public relations work side by side with her. Those who add their ten employees, Concepcion also defined in some way their hijos.En your kitchen are always used fresh, quality products, noted anecdotally that many of them are selected directly from the family garden, Alicante situated in the village of La Torre de les Maçanes. Seasonal fruits and vegetables that are incorporated into your kitchen, where Mario and his team design and shape the dishes. Note the importance of “details” in “La Maçana”, this is seen in their culinary creations maintained, both, that the decor and letters. Every corner of “La Maçana” is different and captivating, thanks to its decorative and artistic. Local invites the pleasure of a good meal, desktop to enjoy a relaxed with friends and family, or if you prefer, the peace and privacy, so necessary in stressful times running.

In conclusion, I would add that the key to their spirit simply holds on behalf: “La Maçana”, in Valencia means inn or tavern; as such, always open to new host (customer), insurance that will not leave indifferent, marking a before and after stopping by “La Maçana”.