Nuevo!!! Menú degustación Enero 2018

¿No has visto el menú de enero del Restaurante La Maçana?… Aquí os lo dejamos, recuerda que no hay nada mejor que una comida con amigos…
¡Aprovecha para dar un paseo y reserva tu mesa en #Restlamaçana para terminar mejor aún!
#Restlamaçana #Alicante #comidasconamigos #restauranteconarteyencanto
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About Restaurant The Maçana

"La Maçana" born in October 1997 restauranción a draft. At its inception illusion joined efforts of their creators and successfully employed by a dream start, today come true. "La Maçana" is a family business that combines wisdom and the old rural logical progression of the hottest trends, in how to restore and service concerns. Based on natural products and top quality creates a personal kitchen, creative and bold, filled aromas and contrasts; but always respecting the culinary tradition Alicante. The key spirit on your behalf simply encloses: "La Maçana", in Valencia means inn or tavern; as such, always open to new host (customer), insurance that will not leave indifferent, marking a before and after stopping by "La Maçana".

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